Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review.

Good Bye 2013! 

Wow......Another year is coming to an end. 
Am I proud of my accomplishments this year? ABSOLUTELY.
Have I lost all the weight I wanted....NOPE......
Do I keep pushing forward....YEP......
I will not give up this fight.
 I have not taken off more than a week at a time going to the gym or getting in a work out. I continue to eat well, with some slip ups. I know where I can improve. I still have 50lbs I want to lose. And I really want to reach that goal in the up coming year. Its going to be very hard. The weight isn't just  dropping off now. I am having to work hard for ever pound I lose.

Goals accomplished in  2013 :

* I have lost 40lbs.
* I ran my 1st 5k in May, 2nd. The second one in Aug and my third    one in Oct.
* I beat my 1st 5k the 2nd  time by 9 mins
* I went from size 20 to size 14 jeans.
* My endurance is twice as long as last year. 
* I bought a size LARGE coat, not XL...LARGE!
* Did I mention lab work? Yea, cholesterol is down over 50 points 
   my triglycerides went from 151 to 53!

What has helped me this past year?

A great Health Coach! 
If you don't have one or think that you cant afford one, please look in it to before turning it completely down. You may can do just a couple of months to help you learn the basics and get a jump start. But being able to ask questions and learn how to eat the right way and NOT diet is worth it. I will never diet. Diets fail. Eating clean is more than just losing weight. Its building a better body from the inside out! 
So please feel free to check out Carol Nees on Facebook or here is her Website Carl Nees if you are local ( Spartanburg SC). You will be glad you did :) 

Also going to a great gym has helped me too. 
I dont think everyone HAS to have a gym. I did. I didnt have enough motivation to get out on my own and do it. I found a great gym that offered group classes. This was the key! Again going to a gym with a room full of equipment is great for some people. I knew that was not for me. I needed to be accountable and I needed to learn how to work out too. Doing a group class with instructors has made the difference for me. Please feel free to check out my gym too. They offer a free week so you can come and take all the classes you want and see if its right for you! Here they are on Facebook~~Spartanburg Athletic Club or you can check out their website here ~~~ Spartanburg Athletic Club

This year I also started a little  private "get fit" group on Facebook. Its so fun to be able to talk to my friends and hear their accomplishments and support each other! If you would like to join, check it out! Carolina Fit Friends

So here are a few photos of the past year. Can't wait to see what this year brings! 

Here I am buying my last pair of Lane Bryant Jeans. Size 14. The smallest they make. The sad part is, this throws me out to the wolves to find another good jean. Also it seems Lane Bryant runs a size bigger, so I have to shop for 16 at other stores. So this is a little bitter sweet, their jeans just fit a big booty so well!

Me trying on "skinny" jeans. Not to shabby....ehhhh still thinking about it.... I didn't buy them though......maybe next time :) Last year I would have NEVER even thought to try on a "skinny" jean! So maybe this year I will buy them ;)

Here I just ran 3 miles on the treadmill! That is huge for me!! I am still working on doing that outside, because it totally different! 

Here is what a year can do. I am awful at taking pics of myself, and I come from a family that is allergic to cameras. So there are never holiday pics unless I take them, which means I am not in them : / 

Here is another fun one! I had to wear those horrible scrub pants for years. These are 3x and were the biggest I could find unless I ordered online. Once I found some 4x. So I refused. I would SQUEEZE in these pants and wore them. 

Here is Miles at 3 and 4. At his birthday party. I hope to be able to be at many many many more. That is my reason is getting healthy. I want to see my son grow up and have children of his own one day. 

Color Run was a blast! I had some great friends that went with me! I ran this one in 38 mins. I think it was all the adrenaline! 

I love to look back at pictures, it really reminds me of how far I have come and where I need to go. I am happier, healthier and love life way more than I ever have. 

My goals for 2014 

To reach my goal of 150 lbs. That will be half of me! 
To be stronger, more athletic. 
To actually RUN a whole 5k outside. Running on a treadmill and running one outside are very different. 
Just continue to be awesome ;)

I hope that I can encourage and inspire anyone that feels there is no hope and they are destined to be over weight and unhealthy. I know I felt that way for many many years. There is a way. It can be done. Will I be on the cover of magazines, NO. Will be on TV, NO. Does everyone care, No. I am doing it for me and for my family, so I can be around to take care of them. To live a long life to serve the Lord as He would have me too. 
 I was always somebody, I was always beautiful and loved. But now maybe I can live a longer, healthier  and happier life!

I am excited at who I am becoming. Bring on 2014! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Color Vibe 2013!

This was so much fun!! I was really nervous though. There were like 3 thousand runners. They let us go in waves of maybe several hundred. I clocked myself and was right at 40 mins. But that was me slowing down for crowds and picking up my 3 yr old the last 2 tenths of a mile. It was a fun day!

Still fighting the fight. Boy does the journey get tiresome. I feel like giving up sometimes. But then I look back at pictures are even my post here and I see that I cant do that! I cant go back to that person.
I am 195 today. Not a big change. But I know I feel better and and much stronger. So its not going to get me down.
I am fighting strong to be 179 by Jan 1st. I really hope I can focus on this and make it real. I know with my birthday coming up, Thanksgiving and Christmas, this is going to be a challenge. But I have to make this real. This has to happen.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Been awhile since I posted! Wow. I started a new fit group on Facebook. If you are reading this and would like join us, please do!
Click here : Carolina Fit Friends Just send a request and I'll be more than happy to add you to our private group.
I love the group on Facebook. Its more interactive than this blog post. I feel like more people are benefiting from it. So come join us!
Well my weight is about the same. Still hadnt got under that 200 mark! Uggg I'm at 202.8! So trying really hard now that life is slowing down and getting more on a schedule. My little man started 3k and I have the mornings to get done what I need to, like this blog! :)
I sign up for another 5k. What am I thinking! Its called the color vibe. Still not a runner. I can job out the whole 5k on the treadmill, which is a big mile stone for me! But as far as doing it outside. Just cant do it. I can do sprints, but mainly its walking.
I started using this awesome app, its called Runkeeper. Its free too. But it really helps me time myself and it maps you out, which I find really cool. So far I can go the same distance 10 mins faster!
So here is to a new start and new changes. My goal till the end of the year, get off 20 lbs. Once I that I will start another new goal.
I am wearing 16 pants too! Well some, depends on who makes them. Seems like I was still in 18s when I last blogged. So ready to get down to 10-12.
OH yea and big news! I was the featured member at my gym this week.
Click here to read My article.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My 1st 5k !

So running is something I wish I could do. I am so not built for it. Short legs and a big caboose! But I can do my fat girl jog! I can do it for almost a mile and half on the treadmill. Which running outside is a different story. I feel like I am going to fall!!
So this past Saturday I sign up to run a 5k for a charity  An orphanage in the Dominican Republic. So not only do I get to use this to set goals to be a better me, I am getting to help others.
My friend Shannon went with me. She turned the big 4 0 this year ( but looks FABULOUS!) and wanted to start running too.
We had made a pack that no matter what the other person could do, we were ok with leaving each other so that we would have our best time.
Well we got to talking! And talking! We talked the whole way!! We did run a little , and I mean a little. But we had some great conversations!
We finished with 47.43 ( I think I got the seconds right). Which I think is just fine for our first 5k.
We are wanting to try for the Color Vibe next and I would love to be able to do the 10k at Cooper River next March. So let the training begin!

Also, my husband got a pic of my backside ( not my good side) and I was surprised! Its not near as big as it used to be, nor as big as I thought. We don't have full length mirrors in the house, so I really never look back there! lol

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Almost 100 lbs gone!

Here I am fighting this last 5-7 lbs to be able to reach 2 of my goals. Getting under 200 and losing 100 lbs. Seems like the past few weeks have been a struggle and sometimes I feel like I am comfortable here. Maybe  I'll accept this weight and just hang out. But then I run across an old picture of me and I see how far I have come and I can not give up at this point. I am getting there, I never thought I would be able to do this. Thought I was just destined to be overweight.
Now I have accepted the fact that I will never be SKINNY. Nor do I want to. When I am working out, and  can now see my leg muscles , I love it! I worked for that! Now just to get off that extra weight around them, so others can see!
Well anyway, here are a few pictures of where I am now. I still have a long way to go, got lots of lumps to iron out, but wow its better than its ever been!
 I was trying on new workout clothes. I don't have a full mirror at home, so I use one when I get the chance :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bad Combination!

Well I am still here! Been a bad last 2 weeks. I am very sad to say I have gained :( I know, its ok.....we all do......I felt powerless the past couple of weeks. Almost a give up point. I think Ill go back and look through some old pictures to help remind myself where I once was. I'll be glad to share them too.
So as of Monday of this week I was at 218. Not happy! I came off my juice detox and knew I needed to eat CLEAN. Well I went out with some girlfriends and of course didnt make the best decisions. Although I do want to say I didn't make horrible  just not the best for me at that time. Also Hello PMS! What a deadly combination! So for a week, I eat. I still worked out 6 days a week. But again, you CAN NOT exercise away a poor diet. Lesson learned, again.
This week has been much better. I am already down 2 lbs. I am back to drinking my water, eating better and not craving the junk I know I shouldn't eat to begin with!
We all mess up, we all fall off the wagon sometimes. The most important thing is to NOT give up! Learn from our mistakes and move on.
I did learn something from this. I know that when I do reach my goal, and I will, I will have to maintain it! Its not going to be a "hey I'm here lets go grab a burger" . I am going to have to work just as hard to maintain that weight. So this was a little eye opener for me. Now lets move onward!! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Day Juice Detox

So this is the beginning! Marlaina, me and Tracey gearing up for a week of juicing. See that big green jug Marlaina is holding.....yea its my breakfast, lunch and dinner!!

Day 1 Monday:

Weight: 212

Feeling: Pretty good. Not starving yet.

What am I missing: My morning coffee.

Scripture:  Philippians 4 : 11-13  Thanks to my friend Wanda Brothers
11:  Not that I speak in respect of want for I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.
12: I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound, every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.
13: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

I think the hardest thing for me is drinking the warm lemon water in the mornings. I would much rather have my coffee!!
So far so good. I have never been a V8 drinker. So this is all new to me. I have never been a big veggie eater either. Much better these days. So I am taking "shots" through out the day. That way I am not sipping on it and it lingering in my mouth.
My juice was all pre-made the night before by my good friend Marlaina. Its all mixed together and is the same until Wednesday. All organic Kale, Spinach, Celery, Carrots, Tomatoes, Garlic and Ginger.

By the end of the day I felt awful. I felt like I was going to pass out. But not from hunger pains. I couldn't focus, and I had 3 more hours with the 3 yr old. So I had a banana! Afterwards I felt so much better.
So maybe I am not ready for complete juice.

Day 2 Tuesday:

Weight : 210.8

Feeling: Better than I thought I would. Just started getting hungry

What am I missing: Nothing much at the moment.

Scripture:  Luke 11 :17 But he knowing their thoughts, said unto them. Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and a house divided against a house falleth.

Im using this scripture only to say it would be easy if everyone was doing it together. I know I have to be strong and not rely on others, but if you are able to have your family do this together it would be awesome! Plus this is a great scripture to use for many things!

Day 3 Wednesday:

Weight: 209

Feeling: Pretty good

What am I missing: Really craving a nice piece of salmon and big salad.

Scripture: Matthew 5:6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

Again thanks to my friend Wanda for posting such great verses each day to help us get through this.
Each time I feel hunger or the need to eat, I am reminding myself that my soul should ache for the Lord just as much. Most of us don't go a day with out eating or drinking. Neither should we go a day without praying and seeking Jesus.

Also at my heart changers meeting last night, my good friend Marlaina made some awesome new juices. So today I am enjoying one called Kale Cleanser. Its Kale, Cucumber, Pineapple and something else. lol
Its much better than what I have been drinking. Also I am getting some fruit today and will be making some sweet yummies.

So later today I was getting hunger pains! My son who never eats wanted to eat today. So that was a challenge. But I didn't not snack on ANYTHING! I didn't put one morsel of food in mouth. Instead I prayed. Each time I got a hunger pain, I took a burden up the Lord. Some where mine and some were others. Starting to really get a grip on the fasting aspect of this and understanding its importance.

Day 4 Thursday:

Weight: 207 , this makes a total loss of 87lbs!!!

Feeling: A little hungry, but not starving like I thought I would

What am I missing: Crunching on something!


Yesterday evening I juiced up enough to get me through the last 2 days! Cant believe its almost over! On the menu today my green juice will be a mixture of Spinach, pineapple,cucumber and apple. This is more spinach  and cucumber than anything. My fruit juices are going to be a pineapple,mango, and cantaloupe. Oh this is so good! And then I have some Carrot, Apple and Ginger juice.
Hoping to get the gym today. I have had cake orders this week and been tied up with those. But I feel like am energized and able. So far this hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be for me. I am already looking forward to another in a few more months.
Day 5

I made it!!!WOW! This was harder than I thought. I want to consider this my practice run and the next time I do it, I will be more ready and knowing what I am getting in to.
I was down to 207 the morning of day 5. But after another 24 hrs I was at 205!!! Whoop whoop!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Count down is on!

12 lbs away, 12 lbs!!!!! I cant believe it! I cant wait to see 199!! I cant wait to get to my goal. Right now it still stands at 150. Maybe when I get there I may see I need to lose another 20 or so. But wow! How far I have come!
And one more thing, I ran my first mile today!!! With energy to keep on , but I didnt because I didnt want to dragging all day lol. Yay me!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Veggie stir fry

I get ask for healthy fast dinner ideas by friends. Here is one that is one of my favorites. Its great to have it on hand and I can have it thrown together and ready to eat in minutes.
I cook my brown rice in advance. Cook up a cup or two and put in the fridge. I will last about 4-5 days. One thing I have learned is that it is best to use the short grain brown rice. Not the 10 minute. Which I have used for years. So take some time on a Sunday or Monday and cook up the old fashion style rice and then put up for the week.
I also go ahead and wash and cut my broccoli and carrots. And any veggies you want! This is a great dish to use those vegetables that might be getting ready to go bad.
Get a pan that has a lid. Throw in your rice. Couple of spoon full and your veggies. And I use this stuff called Braggs Liquid Aminos. Its a natural non gmo soy sauce alternative. It still has sodium like that lovely soy sauce, but you don't need much at all. I use about 2-3 big splashes for the whole dish. You can find this at Ingles. Garners in Spartanburg has small bottles if you dont want to invest in such a big bottle This one was about 8 or 9 bucks. But is a huge bottle and will last a while!
Now stir lightly and cover and this will allow your veggies to steam. I would say medium heat for about 10  minutes? I am bad at measuring, degrees and timing when I am cooking. I just look and smell! lol
Soon you will have a simple, healthy FAST food! :)
Notice I am eating on Miles' kid plate. This also helps in portion size. I eat on smaller plates and my eyes and stomach just think I have a plate FULL of food! Sounds crazy, but really helps! Try it out!

Easter Dinner

Here we are almost in April! I'm at 214!!! I cant wait to knock off the next 14 lbs and get out of the 200's! I cant remember when I wasn't in the 200's. This is huge for me!

I met with my health coach yesterday ( I love our sessions!) and she ask me what was one positive change I have had since we last met. Out of the top of my head I thought about how I hadn't really been thinking about what we were going to eat for Easter dinner on Sunday. I actually had to stop and think about it the other day when my husband mentioned it. This is HUGE for me. Normally a week or 2 in advance I would be thinking about it daily. Thinking about eating, and what all we were going to have. From the mac and cheese to the coconut cake. But wow, I hadn't gave it much thought. This proves again this is life changing for me. I don't wake up to eat and then start thinking about lunch and dinner. I am not living to eat anymore, I am eating to stay alive! To be healthy! To actually LIVE!

So you may be wondering what I will be having for Easter dinner. We are having a mexican dinner. So I will enjoy mostly everything, but in small amounts. Its ok to enjoy family dinners, but just not seconds and thirds. And maybe pick one rich food to indulge in and not ALL of them.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Say NO to an Empty Stomach!

An empty stomach is the devil deli!

Having an empty stomach leads to unhealthy snacking. If you find yourself hunger between meals be sure to have healthy snacks on hand. Drink a couple glasses of water, eat and an apple or a small hand full of nuts.
I keep apples clean and ready to eat on the table. I always have almonds on hand too. Most important is to drink water! Water , water and more water. Water helps you stay full, oh it helps with tons of things!

If you see you are hunger almost all the time, re-evaluate what you are eating. Are you getting enough fiber. Fiber helps you stay full longer. Not protein, as I was grown up to think. Get your fiber from fresh fruits and veggies and you will see a difference!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Made to Crave Action Plan/ Session 1

So excited about starting my sessions on Made to Crave. The first one was a real eye opener to me. I have been so lucky as to go and share this information with others and had wonderful responses!

Each week we are rotating between Beauty Detox and Made to Crave. I am going to try to blog on each.

This past week was our first in the Made to Crave series and here are a few things that really stuck out for me.

The Lord made me to consume food, not for food to consume me. This goes all the way back to Eve in the garden of Eden. It was food that she was tempted with. And of course we all know she gave in. How strange that something over half of our nation battles with, is the very thing that brought sin down on all of us.

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

The Greek work for "seek" is zeteo. It means to Crave. Now say Matthew 6:33 again using the work Crave.  That is where our cravings need to be geared.

Not only is this study about my spiritually needs, but its based on scientific studies as well. Not just someones opinions. God created us with hunter/gatherer genes that would enable us to survive famine. Meaning that our 1st thoughts when we see food is to EAT. EAT now! There may be none later. But that's not true with most of us. Even us that work and make it week to week always have some type of food to eat. It may not be high quality food, but food. Packaged food industry has changed ingredients to cheaper and lesser quality ingredients and our bodies are paying the price.  We are talking high-fructose corn syrup, refined oils and less or no whole grains. The impact its having?

  • Obesity
  • Inflammatory Diseases
  • Damaged self-esteem

All the above can severely impact our relationship with Jesus Christ. We are sickly, in bed, not able to get out and serve. We are having to depend on others to take care of us. Our self esteem can keep up from sharing Gods word with someone. So its more than being just overweight, or more than having that second helping. I have often said to myself while eating junk or my second helping, "who cares, its only me its affecting?. Have you said that too?

One thing I need to remember, God loves me no matter what I weigh. He loved me at 300 and he loves me now. He will love me when I lose all my weight and he will love me if I never lose another pound. That is one thing I must remember and hide in my heart.
1 John 4:19 We love him, because he first loved us!

Five principles for healthy eating and weight loss

  1. Add fish ( omega-3s)
  2. Increase fiber ( Women 25 grams a day and men 35 grams a day) 
  3. Exercise
  4. Reduce Calories
  5. Increase nutrient-rich fruits and veggies 
Fiber,  NOT PROTEIN, signals satiety gens that tell you you are full! Add that fiber! Where can you find fiber, fruits and veggies. Not meats! 

Water, water, water, water, water, water!! Drink that water. This should go with out saying, but I don't think we understand how important this is.

A food journey! This for me is hard! I have taped a sheet of paper on the fridge and always have a pen close by. I write down what I have, and this really helps me to see when I end up in the kitchen and THINK I need something. 

In closing there is a chapter about seeing your doctor. Being aware of your body, its most important. If you know you have high sugar or blood pressure, please talk to your doctor. Most ailments can be controlled through diet, hopefully your doctor is on board with this. I have have high blood pressure and had to take medication. With the understanding between me and my doctor that I was going to make changes and hope to come off of it completely. So far I am half the dose and only take it every other day. I am praying and with my continue weight loss I will be off of it completely in the next several months. But I have to be smart and know that I just cant stop taking it until its time. 

Remember God loves you no matter what. Being over weight is not your fault but you can take charge and make a change inside and out! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Carol's  Pancakes!

Grind organic oats, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds in a vitamix ( could use coffee grinder in small amounts) 
Then mix in raw organic sunflower seeds, 1/4 c of additional whole oats, 1/2 tsp aluminum free baking powder, see salt. 

Mix this and you can store it in an air tight container and then add the last 2 ingredients ( Well ripe and mashed banana and almond milk) when its time to eat! 

You just have to judge how much milk and banana you want to use, depending on how thick you like.

I made these this morning and me and my husband LOVED them!!! Its like a banana bread pancake! So healthy and so good at the same time! 

Thank you Carol Nees  for sharing! Be sure to check out her FB page for me great recipes like these! 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Bye 220s!

Sometimes getting through a decade of numbers ( that is how I set my goals a decade at a time) can be so tough! I found getting through the 220s was one of the hardest. Next to the 230s. And I'm sure the lower I go the tougher its going to get. But I am head strong on this, and I will not give up!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Homemade Sprite

Giving up sodas I think is a big part of getting healthier and losing weight. This means diet sodas too. Just reading the effects of saccharin is scary. Its been PROVED that it causes cancer. I hate knowing they had to test this on animals :( So that alone should scare you away!

But sometimes I do want something bubbly! So thanks to my wonderful health coach Carol Nees, she shared with me a way to make homemade sprite! Which is really about the only "soda" I want every once in a while.
So here you go, maybe this will help break the soda cycle for you!

Glass ( 8 oz or so) of Sparkling Mineral Water

Half of a FRESH squeezed lemon ( you can add some lime too)

Packet of SweetLeaf Stevia Sweetner ( I used half a pack and thought it was plenty sweet)


** Please note I said a fresh lemon. Already made lemon juice has been pasteurized which kills the goodness  of the lemon. ( Learned this from my sweet friend Marlaina !! )

Friday, January 25, 2013

When you know its sticking!

So today I was BUSY! I had cakes to make...yes cakes. I bake cakes. Its kinda good though, I smell them and occasionally have to taste test them, but I never really want a piece of cake! I guess its like people that make pizzas all day get tired of pizzas. So back to what I was saying. Busy this morning, so I didn't get to go to the gym....but I had intentions of going this afternoon. Well...the weather was nasty. I mean icy nasty to where they closed the gym early. So guess what? Cant believe I am saying this.......I HATE I MISSED THE GYM TODAY! Crazy huh?! So that is when you know its STICKING! :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weigh in and inches lost

Been so busy lately, but still on the wagon! I have been able to get to the gym almost everyday. Eating has not been tip top but pretty good. Yesterday I was able to get weighed and measure at the gym. This is something they offer so that you can keep up with your progress. My weight was 229. This was after a work out and weight training too. So this morning when I weighed I was back down to 225. Which I am so happy with!!!! Only 26 more pounds and I can kiss the 200s good bye!!! Cant weight! <---he he

So since Aug 2012 I have lost 26 lbs. This is a total now of 69lbs.
I have lost 15 1/2 inches. A total of 27 1/4 since joining the gym in May 2012.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

So what diet are you on............

So what diet are you on...............well.......its kinda like this, diets DO NOT work. They may help you lose weight for a while but it has to be a lifestyle change for it to last. So nope no diets here. Every change I have made is one that I know once I do reach my goal weight I will still be able to continue doing. I don't see anything wrong with jump starting your self. I am not good with that, I just take baby steps and work my way there.
For those of you who have ask me what I have done or what I eat here is just a few things I did in the beginning that may help.

Cut out sodas, diet sodas too. Water is the key.

No more fast food. If you have a problem with this one, do your homework on fast food. That alone will make you not want it.

Cut out whites. White potatoes, white rice, white bread and white pasta.

No more sugary cereals or pastries

Cook more at home! Even if you cook an "unhealthy" meal at home, It will be healthier than eating out.

Read labels. Don't be blind to whats in your food. Start with calories and fats. Then start educating yourself on whats in your food. I'm still learning this one, so as I find stuff Ill post it.

Shop the parameter of the store! Stay away from packaged, frozen and boxed meals. Again read the ingredients. Look at that long list of stuff you cant pronounce. If you cant say it, God don't want you eating it!
Stay as fresh as you can.

Im taking a class in the next few weeks about eating cleaner, so as I learn it, I will pass it on.

Pumpkin Banana Smoothie

Pumpkin Banana Smoothie

Serves 1 

3/4 cup almond milk ( or coconut milk) 
1 cup crushed ice
1/2 frozen banana ( I used a whole fresh banana too! ) 
1 tsp ground flaxseed
1/3 cup pumpkin puree ( fresh is best, but can will work) 
1-11/2 TBS maple syrup ( or honey) 
1/4 tsp of each, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger

Options: Add a handful of spinach! 

Place in blender and blend well! Enjoy immediately! 

I got this from a friend I have met at the gym, she is actually a health  coach. She is so full of knowledge! Be sure to like her on Facebook! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Made to Crave

Did you know our bodies were made to crave? God made us to crave......HIM. I have been a Christian for many years. Almost too many years to admit because I should be further along in my journey, but I have had some set backs. All due to my own sin getting in the way. Craving other things than Him. Please understand that being a Christian does not mean you are perfect. It means the devil works harder on you than others to keep you from God. Some are strong enough in their faith to not drop completely off the path. Me on the other hand, not so much. I am very ashamed of this. So if you are reading this and knew me at a time when I was living like the world, all I can ask if your forgiveness too.

So back to the topic, in the fall of 2012 I took a bible study with a friend of mine, Marlainia. We meet at her house once a week and had a book and a work book to go by. I made new friends and had a wonderful time fellowshipping and knowing I am not alone in this.
The title of the book is Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. Wow.....lets just say my eyes were really open during this 6 week course. I realize I was a stress eater when I had my son. I think I have blogged this part before. What I didn't realize was that taking my problems and my stress to a bag of chip or brownies was not only harmful for my body, but SINFUL. Yea there is that word again.

Have you ever had a best friend or a spouse have a problem and not tell you. A burden that they have carried around for weeks or even months. And then finally it comes out. And you sit there and say, why didn't you come tell me! And that feeling you get of why wouldn't they tell me so I could help? That is how God feels when we don't take our problems to Him. He wants us to come to him. He wants to hear our problems, small and big. So anytime something else comes first, well, that's not so cool to Him. This has really struck me in the gut. How and why did I trust Doritos, Cheetos, brownies and cookies instead of God.

God made wonderful foods for us to eat. With lots of color and different taste. So now my focus is to eat healthy, and more natural. To eat things HE made. Not a scientist.

So this losing weight thing, is now something I know I can pray about and get help from. Get help from someone that is much stronger than me. Someone that can help me accomplish my goals. For the reason I do it, is to serve Him more. So I can raise my son to love Him. So the time I am given on this earth is to be a help to others and not a burden.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

One more thing, have you ever heard that phrase "Claim it!"  The Lord wants us to have goals too. As long as the goals are according to His plan, he will let us "claim it".

Proverbs 16: 3 Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established.

God wants you to be healthy and eat right and get exercise . So this just means you need to claim it! Trust that God will help you in this journey.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Get on your bikes and ride!

 Today I did an hour long ride class. When I 1st starting the gym I would walk by that spin/ride class, I would see those tiny bicycle seats and think, oh no......NO Way!!! Well one of my friends actually taught the class and encouraged me to try it out. So I am in this "change of life" thing and thought I have to, I have to do this 100%. I have to try out everything I can here ( gym) to get the full benfit.   I will never know until I try right?

The only class he teaches is 545.....AM......yes AM.......So I go. I get on that bike.
OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Its like sitting on 2 broom sticks. Sideways brooms sticks! So yea, get that in your head. OUCH! And even though I have a very very well padded rear, that does not come in handy here.

Well the class is about 50 min all together. I get about 30 into it, and CAN NOT take it anymore. I am hurting so bad. I couldn't sit down, my legs were too weak to stand up and I just got off my little bike, and tried to slid out the door! Never to look back at that class again.

Today, 45lbs lighter and stronger than I think I ever have been, I do this class 2 -3 times a week!!! I have got to where I dont even look back at the clock! :) I even used the money I had made during Christmas with my cake business to buy ride shoes! Yes ride shoes. Shoes that are only for ride class. I spent more money on them, than shoes I wear everyday! That is how much I enjoy it. And the ride is so much smoother! So if you have the chance to go to a ride/spin class, don't shy away. I get the best cardio out of there, and it really helps me when I got a pound or two I just cant shake off. So get on your bikes and ride!

Ill even get a picture of my shoes for you tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reason for the name title?

The reason for my blog title you may ask? Well its like this.......I have been carrying around all this weight for years. Almost ALL MY LIFE. It got to the point to where I didn't know any better. I thought it was normal for my thighs to rub and hurt, normal to have to squeeze into a booth, normal to have 2 big belly rolls. Normal to have to wear plus size clothes, and normal to eat all the time. Life evolved around food. I lived to eat, not eat to live. When I woke up each morning my first thoughts, what am I going to eat today? No lie! True story. Sad but very true.

According to my height I should weigh about 120. I think that is too thin and my goal is about 140. Which means at one point in my life I was carrying around 160lbs more than what I should. WOW, 160. That is a grown man. Can you see me carrying  a grown man around! No way. It has to go. One pound at a time, but it has to go. So far, I have lost the weight of an average 10 yr old!!! CRAZY! So this leads to one thing. THE FREE RIDE IS OVER! Get off! Go away!! Dont come back! Get lost.
The free ride is OVER.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Before and Now

Notice I didn't title this BEFORE and AFTER. I'm not done yet. I still have 80 more pounds I want to lose. But here is a little view of what I'm working on.

Before is about 300lbs and Now is 229lbs. The reason I say about 300lbs is that is the most I saw on the scale was 294lbs, but I am sure I topped 300. I weighed myself after I started making small changes.
I know these pictures are not the best, but I cant stop looking. The reason I choose the before picture was the look on my husband face. I know he was just goofing around, but I am sure all that 300lbs sitting on him didnt feel so good.

 It hurts to know I let myself go that far. That I didnt love myself enough to do something about it til now, at 35. Just think of what all I could have done 10 yrs ago! At least I am taking care of it now. I cant wait to update that picture on the right! :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Quick Overveiw about my weight journey

Here we are a new year! Cant believe its 2013! We should have some flying cars and house robots! Where is my Rosie to wash my dishes?! Ok...showing my age.......Well lets get this in high gear!
I am so excited to say I weigh 52 lbs lighter than I did this time last year! It could have been more but I really didnt give a care till around May. So I am hoping this year will give me the time to get to my goal weight which is 150. That means I have 81 lbs to go! So do the math....yes Im at 231 as of today.
My highest weight was 294. Well that I ever saw on the scale anyway. So Im down 63lbs from my highest. Its amazing how that change can make a person feel. Now to only get under 200!! I cant wait to see 199 on that scale! I am going to PARTY!!!

Well all my life I have been overweight. The big girl. The one with the pretty face. We all know what that means. I guess the weight really started packing on in the 3rd grade. At least that is what it looks like from my pictures. It just got worse the older I got. I really cant remember my weight or size when I graduated from High School. Im going to guess and say around an 18. Im a 18/20 now, and I think I look like I did in my pictures. I really wish I knew for sure.

I grew up in a pretty poor family. We were feed, oviousley, but not with healhthy foods. All I knew was soda and sweet tea. Only health nuts drank water. Typical meal was fried something with a side of fried something with a side of biscuits and gravy. So of course that is what I learned to cook. When I was older maybe teenage , I knew something had to change. Yea right, making a whole family change the way they eat and live....forget that sista! So I gave in. Accepted it. This is what I mean to be. Im nothing more. There is no use.

In 2006 I met my husband. Im sure I was around 270 then. Why he even looked twice at me still puzzles me. He was from a different land. Different people. Not PACOLET. Not this small town where everyone thinks the same. He thought for himself and really opened my eyes on a lot of things. He isnt the healthest of the health nuts....but he did explain to me organics and natural foods. Never knew such a thing exsisted. I was 27 at the time. Sad. So that really made me think about what I was putting in my body. Well we were married and had a baby in 09. I still hadnt made much change. I had hit my all time high and tried to cut back and lost about 10 lbs by the time my son was born.
After my son was born and all he did was cry and scream and cry and scream, I noticed my self in the kitchen, torn slobby tank top on, tiny baby screaming his lungs out in the next room, and me finishing up the crumbs from a large size bag of doritos.....that I had just opened. It was like I blacked out. I eat the WHOLE bag! And didnt think twice. This was the first time I realized I was an emotional eater. It had never hit me before. All those times I was upset about my weight, I eat. The times I failed a test, I eat. The times I was left out , I eat. The horriable marriage I had went through before, I eat and eat and eat. This was more than just food. This was my emotions. Much deeper.

The starting of the summer last year 2012, my then 2 and half year old, was playing in the front yard. He then procedes to take off running. Yes running, towards the road. The busy road. Our drive way is about a 10th of a mile, so he had some time for me to catch him right? Ummmm....no. I couldn't. I could not catch my own child that was running toward a busy road. Now its Pacolet, small no where town, but still its a road with a car or 2 that could hit my child. He finally stopped. I finally caught him. Huffing, puffing, huffing, puffing. This is when it hit me, something has to change.
I cant live this way. Or not live this way. I cant out run my 2 yr old son. Which means I cant do a lot of things with him. I cant take him to disney world or carowinds. I wont be able to get on kiddy rides or take him swimming. Ill drop him off at school and they will all make fun of his big fat mama. So now this affects more than me. Something has to change. Its in my mind now. In my soul. In my heart.

So lets do this. Full speed. All feet ahead. No looking back. No stopping and smelling the flowers, or biscuits or cakes.

The eating habits had to change. I believe that making small changes that you know will stick are better than setting yourself up for failure. I let myself have ONE soda a day. I did this for a month or until I knew I could cut it out. Seems like it took about a month. Now I drink only water. This includes diet sodas. Food. Cut back! I would simply eat only half of what I would normally eat. Then I started to give up food. I gave up fast food. Read the ingrediants to most of this stuff and it will turn you off completley! Slowly I started eating more salad. More grilled veggies. Dont even bother buying

I lost about 20lbs making these small changes. By May I started looking into gyms. I knew I had to excersise. I knew that was part of the deal. I would walk the neighborhood. It wasnt getting it. I would go one day here, wait a week then go again. So I did my homework and chose a gym that had group classes and was close enough to my house that I knew I would go. A lot. Like 4 to 5 times a week.
I love the gym I choose. They were so kind and nice to me from the beginning. I was weighed and measured in the beginning. Ill be sure to get those numbers. And I just jumped in full force and started doing classes! And days I couldnt make a class, I would go get on that treadmill and walk! Each time I would go I would do a little more.

Now I am down to 231lbs. I feel great. I went from wearing lane bryant size 28 and 26 blue jeans to size 18. And acutally the 18s are big, but the 16s are small. I never would have thought I could have done that. Never. I thought I was just stuck at being this big ol blob.
I never thought I would look forward to go clothes shopping. I can actually see the "other side" of the store in sight. And some of my tops can already come from there. I can almost get in Old Navy Jeans.
That is a big deal for me!

I look forward to what this year brings. I hope that January 2014 Ill be posting with even better results. I hope that I can encourage someone by this blog page to know that they can do it. No matter where they are starting from. I also hope I can be encourage by others out there that know where I have been and where I am coming from!