Sunday, January 13, 2013

So what diet are you on............

So what diet are you on...............well.......its kinda like this, diets DO NOT work. They may help you lose weight for a while but it has to be a lifestyle change for it to last. So nope no diets here. Every change I have made is one that I know once I do reach my goal weight I will still be able to continue doing. I don't see anything wrong with jump starting your self. I am not good with that, I just take baby steps and work my way there.
For those of you who have ask me what I have done or what I eat here is just a few things I did in the beginning that may help.

Cut out sodas, diet sodas too. Water is the key.

No more fast food. If you have a problem with this one, do your homework on fast food. That alone will make you not want it.

Cut out whites. White potatoes, white rice, white bread and white pasta.

No more sugary cereals or pastries

Cook more at home! Even if you cook an "unhealthy" meal at home, It will be healthier than eating out.

Read labels. Don't be blind to whats in your food. Start with calories and fats. Then start educating yourself on whats in your food. I'm still learning this one, so as I find stuff Ill post it.

Shop the parameter of the store! Stay away from packaged, frozen and boxed meals. Again read the ingredients. Look at that long list of stuff you cant pronounce. If you cant say it, God don't want you eating it!
Stay as fresh as you can.

Im taking a class in the next few weeks about eating cleaner, so as I learn it, I will pass it on.

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  1. Thank you....great advice!!! Diet's don't work...if they did we would all be skinny!!!!