Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Before and Now

Notice I didn't title this BEFORE and AFTER. I'm not done yet. I still have 80 more pounds I want to lose. But here is a little view of what I'm working on.

Before is about 300lbs and Now is 229lbs. The reason I say about 300lbs is that is the most I saw on the scale was 294lbs, but I am sure I topped 300. I weighed myself after I started making small changes.
I know these pictures are not the best, but I cant stop looking. The reason I choose the before picture was the look on my husband face. I know he was just goofing around, but I am sure all that 300lbs sitting on him didnt feel so good.

 It hurts to know I let myself go that far. That I didnt love myself enough to do something about it til now, at 35. Just think of what all I could have done 10 yrs ago! At least I am taking care of it now. I cant wait to update that picture on the right! :)

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