Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reason for the name title?

The reason for my blog title you may ask? Well its like this.......I have been carrying around all this weight for years. Almost ALL MY LIFE. It got to the point to where I didn't know any better. I thought it was normal for my thighs to rub and hurt, normal to have to squeeze into a booth, normal to have 2 big belly rolls. Normal to have to wear plus size clothes, and normal to eat all the time. Life evolved around food. I lived to eat, not eat to live. When I woke up each morning my first thoughts, what am I going to eat today? No lie! True story. Sad but very true.

According to my height I should weigh about 120. I think that is too thin and my goal is about 140. Which means at one point in my life I was carrying around 160lbs more than what I should. WOW, 160. That is a grown man. Can you see me carrying  a grown man around! No way. It has to go. One pound at a time, but it has to go. So far, I have lost the weight of an average 10 yr old!!! CRAZY! So this leads to one thing. THE FREE RIDE IS OVER! Get off! Go away!! Dont come back! Get lost.
The free ride is OVER.

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