Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review.

Good Bye 2013! 

Wow......Another year is coming to an end. 
Am I proud of my accomplishments this year? ABSOLUTELY.
Have I lost all the weight I wanted....NOPE......
Do I keep pushing forward....YEP......
I will not give up this fight.
 I have not taken off more than a week at a time going to the gym or getting in a work out. I continue to eat well, with some slip ups. I know where I can improve. I still have 50lbs I want to lose. And I really want to reach that goal in the up coming year. Its going to be very hard. The weight isn't just  dropping off now. I am having to work hard for ever pound I lose.

Goals accomplished in  2013 :

* I have lost 40lbs.
* I ran my 1st 5k in May, 2nd. The second one in Aug and my third    one in Oct.
* I beat my 1st 5k the 2nd  time by 9 mins
* I went from size 20 to size 14 jeans.
* My endurance is twice as long as last year. 
* I bought a size LARGE coat, not XL...LARGE!
* Did I mention lab work? Yea, cholesterol is down over 50 points 
   my triglycerides went from 151 to 53!

What has helped me this past year?

A great Health Coach! 
If you don't have one or think that you cant afford one, please look in it to before turning it completely down. You may can do just a couple of months to help you learn the basics and get a jump start. But being able to ask questions and learn how to eat the right way and NOT diet is worth it. I will never diet. Diets fail. Eating clean is more than just losing weight. Its building a better body from the inside out! 
So please feel free to check out Carol Nees on Facebook or here is her Website Carl Nees if you are local ( Spartanburg SC). You will be glad you did :) 

Also going to a great gym has helped me too. 
I dont think everyone HAS to have a gym. I did. I didnt have enough motivation to get out on my own and do it. I found a great gym that offered group classes. This was the key! Again going to a gym with a room full of equipment is great for some people. I knew that was not for me. I needed to be accountable and I needed to learn how to work out too. Doing a group class with instructors has made the difference for me. Please feel free to check out my gym too. They offer a free week so you can come and take all the classes you want and see if its right for you! Here they are on Facebook~~Spartanburg Athletic Club or you can check out their website here ~~~ Spartanburg Athletic Club

This year I also started a little  private "get fit" group on Facebook. Its so fun to be able to talk to my friends and hear their accomplishments and support each other! If you would like to join, check it out! Carolina Fit Friends

So here are a few photos of the past year. Can't wait to see what this year brings! 

Here I am buying my last pair of Lane Bryant Jeans. Size 14. The smallest they make. The sad part is, this throws me out to the wolves to find another good jean. Also it seems Lane Bryant runs a size bigger, so I have to shop for 16 at other stores. So this is a little bitter sweet, their jeans just fit a big booty so well!

Me trying on "skinny" jeans. Not to shabby....ehhhh still thinking about it.... I didn't buy them though......maybe next time :) Last year I would have NEVER even thought to try on a "skinny" jean! So maybe this year I will buy them ;)

Here I just ran 3 miles on the treadmill! That is huge for me!! I am still working on doing that outside, because it totally different! 

Here is what a year can do. I am awful at taking pics of myself, and I come from a family that is allergic to cameras. So there are never holiday pics unless I take them, which means I am not in them : / 

Here is another fun one! I had to wear those horrible scrub pants for years. These are 3x and were the biggest I could find unless I ordered online. Once I found some 4x. So I refused. I would SQUEEZE in these pants and wore them. 

Here is Miles at 3 and 4. At his birthday party. I hope to be able to be at many many many more. That is my reason is getting healthy. I want to see my son grow up and have children of his own one day. 

Color Run was a blast! I had some great friends that went with me! I ran this one in 38 mins. I think it was all the adrenaline! 

I love to look back at pictures, it really reminds me of how far I have come and where I need to go. I am happier, healthier and love life way more than I ever have. 

My goals for 2014 

To reach my goal of 150 lbs. That will be half of me! 
To be stronger, more athletic. 
To actually RUN a whole 5k outside. Running on a treadmill and running one outside are very different. 
Just continue to be awesome ;)

I hope that I can encourage and inspire anyone that feels there is no hope and they are destined to be over weight and unhealthy. I know I felt that way for many many years. There is a way. It can be done. Will I be on the cover of magazines, NO. Will be on TV, NO. Does everyone care, No. I am doing it for me and for my family, so I can be around to take care of them. To live a long life to serve the Lord as He would have me too. 
 I was always somebody, I was always beautiful and loved. But now maybe I can live a longer, healthier  and happier life!

I am excited at who I am becoming. Bring on 2014!