Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Been awhile since I posted! Wow. I started a new fit group on Facebook. If you are reading this and would like join us, please do!
Click here : Carolina Fit Friends Just send a request and I'll be more than happy to add you to our private group.
I love the group on Facebook. Its more interactive than this blog post. I feel like more people are benefiting from it. So come join us!
Well my weight is about the same. Still hadnt got under that 200 mark! Uggg I'm at 202.8! So trying really hard now that life is slowing down and getting more on a schedule. My little man started 3k and I have the mornings to get done what I need to, like this blog! :)
I sign up for another 5k. What am I thinking! Its called the color vibe. Still not a runner. I can job out the whole 5k on the treadmill, which is a big mile stone for me! But as far as doing it outside. Just cant do it. I can do sprints, but mainly its walking.
I started using this awesome app, its called Runkeeper. Its free too. But it really helps me time myself and it maps you out, which I find really cool. So far I can go the same distance 10 mins faster!
So here is to a new start and new changes. My goal till the end of the year, get off 20 lbs. Once I that I will start another new goal.
I am wearing 16 pants too! Well some, depends on who makes them. Seems like I was still in 18s when I last blogged. So ready to get down to 10-12.
OH yea and big news! I was the featured member at my gym this week.
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