Friday, January 11, 2013

Get on your bikes and ride!

 Today I did an hour long ride class. When I 1st starting the gym I would walk by that spin/ride class, I would see those tiny bicycle seats and think, oh no......NO Way!!! Well one of my friends actually taught the class and encouraged me to try it out. So I am in this "change of life" thing and thought I have to, I have to do this 100%. I have to try out everything I can here ( gym) to get the full benfit.   I will never know until I try right?

The only class he teaches is 545.....AM......yes AM.......So I go. I get on that bike.
OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! Its like sitting on 2 broom sticks. Sideways brooms sticks! So yea, get that in your head. OUCH! And even though I have a very very well padded rear, that does not come in handy here.

Well the class is about 50 min all together. I get about 30 into it, and CAN NOT take it anymore. I am hurting so bad. I couldn't sit down, my legs were too weak to stand up and I just got off my little bike, and tried to slid out the door! Never to look back at that class again.

Today, 45lbs lighter and stronger than I think I ever have been, I do this class 2 -3 times a week!!! I have got to where I dont even look back at the clock! :) I even used the money I had made during Christmas with my cake business to buy ride shoes! Yes ride shoes. Shoes that are only for ride class. I spent more money on them, than shoes I wear everyday! That is how much I enjoy it. And the ride is so much smoother! So if you have the chance to go to a ride/spin class, don't shy away. I get the best cardio out of there, and it really helps me when I got a pound or two I just cant shake off. So get on your bikes and ride!

Ill even get a picture of my shoes for you tomorrow!

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