Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bad Combination!

Well I am still here! Been a bad last 2 weeks. I am very sad to say I have gained :( I know, its ok.....we all do......I felt powerless the past couple of weeks. Almost a give up point. I think Ill go back and look through some old pictures to help remind myself where I once was. I'll be glad to share them too.
So as of Monday of this week I was at 218. Not happy! I came off my juice detox and knew I needed to eat CLEAN. Well I went out with some girlfriends and of course didnt make the best decisions. Although I do want to say I didn't make horrible  just not the best for me at that time. Also Hello PMS! What a deadly combination! So for a week, I eat. I still worked out 6 days a week. But again, you CAN NOT exercise away a poor diet. Lesson learned, again.
This week has been much better. I am already down 2 lbs. I am back to drinking my water, eating better and not craving the junk I know I shouldn't eat to begin with!
We all mess up, we all fall off the wagon sometimes. The most important thing is to NOT give up! Learn from our mistakes and move on.
I did learn something from this. I know that when I do reach my goal, and I will, I will have to maintain it! Its not going to be a "hey I'm here lets go grab a burger" . I am going to have to work just as hard to maintain that weight. So this was a little eye opener for me. Now lets move onward!! :)

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