Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Dinner

Here we are almost in April! I'm at 214!!! I cant wait to knock off the next 14 lbs and get out of the 200's! I cant remember when I wasn't in the 200's. This is huge for me!

I met with my health coach yesterday ( I love our sessions!) and she ask me what was one positive change I have had since we last met. Out of the top of my head I thought about how I hadn't really been thinking about what we were going to eat for Easter dinner on Sunday. I actually had to stop and think about it the other day when my husband mentioned it. This is HUGE for me. Normally a week or 2 in advance I would be thinking about it daily. Thinking about eating, and what all we were going to have. From the mac and cheese to the coconut cake. But wow, I hadn't gave it much thought. This proves again this is life changing for me. I don't wake up to eat and then start thinking about lunch and dinner. I am not living to eat anymore, I am eating to stay alive! To be healthy! To actually LIVE!

So you may be wondering what I will be having for Easter dinner. We are having a mexican dinner. So I will enjoy mostly everything, but in small amounts. Its ok to enjoy family dinners, but just not seconds and thirds. And maybe pick one rich food to indulge in and not ALL of them.

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