Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Skin for thought

So one stop on my health journey is facing the fact of SKIN. Yes, skin. Never thought about all the skin that would be left over after losing 100 lbs. And keep in mind I still have 50 more to go. 

It kinda depresses me. And is kinda gross. And I kinda don't wanna talk about it. But I know that I cant be the only one. Skin. uggg....I wish I could just pinch you and pull you tight and cut off the rest.
 Its almost like a reminder. Hey left used to keep me full of pizza and pb and j sandwiches. Ice Cream and Cake. Cookies and Snickers. And don't forget the Doritos! And you stopped all that. And now look at me. Just hanging around. All wrinkled. But I wont let you forget about me. When you get all happy and want to clap your hands, I will be sure to clap your arm pits with you. When you think you are going to do a jumping jack, I'll be there just swaying back and forth. Oh, and you want to do a burpee, sure, don't forget me! I'll be back here just moving all around cheering you on. UGGGG. 

And not just my legs, my arms, my belly....its my face too. Yes. The face. The one thing that is hard to hide. I have wrinkles way more than ever. I feel like I have aged so much in the past 2 years. Not by the way I feel but the way I look. And what is this hanging out under my chin?! Really.....was my neck and face that fat! I guess it was. 
So until I am able to do something about it, I will try my best to remember what it used to be full of. FAT. And that I have worked so hard to get rid of that. And yes I tone, I do weights all that jazz. But when there is that much fat removed and there was that much skin stretched out, there is very little you can do other than have some plastic surgery. So maybe one day. Maybe I'll even start a skin fund. That sounds nice, right?......or creepy one  :) 

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